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Originally published on 16 November 2019

Back before I joined my current company, I used to work as a technology consultant for one of the large, global consultancies. In that role, I was often on the road every week for months at a time. I actually enjoy traveling and that was one of the reasons I went into consulting. In my current job, I travel much less often which is fine with me as we've now got two kids but I do get to take the occasional trip every now and then. On my last trip (which was actually just to a conference in downtown), I started to reflect on what I really need in a hotel while I'm traveling for business. I was surprised that I could only come up with four things which to me are nonnegotiable:

If a room doesn't have all four of these, I'm headed back down to the front desk to ask for another room.

Some "nice to haves" in a hotel room for me would include:

Finally, it's nice to see more hotels jump on the eco-bandwagon. For example, more hotels are foregoing the single use toiletries and installing larger bottles of lotion, hand/face wash, shampoos and conditioners. I always felt guilty tearing into a new package when I was only staying one night. And it's also good to see hotels awarding guests additional points to their loyalty programs if they choose not to have their towels refreshed or their rooms serviced everyday by housekeeping. If the hotel is going to benefit by not having to service as many rooms or wash as many towels, they should pass some of those savings onto their guests.