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Welcome to the home page of Samir Parikh. I will try to keep this page updated on recent developments, my occasional blog posts, and how you can contact me.

About Me

I’m a husband and father who lives outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I enjoy spending time with my family, following New England sports teams, and rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes. I love trying new IPAs and single malt scotches as time permits as well as traveling and improving my photography.

About This Site

This site is my attempt to finally have a semi-permanent home on the internet. It’s completely self-hosted and cobbled together with hand-coded HTML and CSS which is why it looks like it does. While I’ve always been interested in technology, my day job just doesn’t afford me the opportunity to immerse myself into it like it used to so starting this site lets me exercise that part of the brain craving the technical challenges. I’m sure I’ll write about how all of the duct tape and bubble gum comes together but for now, feel free to explore what little content is available.

You can find my occasional blog posts here. Most of what I intend to publish here will be documenting my forays into what I’m learning, interested in or just thinking about.

Contact Me

I welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions on whatever you find on this site. Please feel free to contact me.

Last Updated: 27 October 2021